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A Fishing Pole with a Video Camera on It

UD - FishEyes Once upon a time, there was a man.

He got hungry—and then he invented fishing.

It was a glorious day for humanity.

Which almost makes you feel bad about changing the game altogether.


Introducing FishEyes, a fishing pole that happens to have an underwater video camera and a full-color LCD screen attached to it, available now.

If James Bond and Jacques Cousteau got together for a rogue brainstorming session on the finer points of fishing technology, this would be the end result—a tiny yet ninja-like rod and reel graciously equipped with an underwater video camera, a built-in LED light and a fish-attracting “bait basket.”

So yeah, totally cheating.

And you’ll definitely want to have your full-length carbon fiber rod on standby for the larger game down there. But at the very least, you’ll deploy this thing when you want to find out where the fish are hiding, whether they’re attracted to or shying away from your lure of choice and, most importantly, what they’re saying about you behind your back.

Probably something like: “Seriously?”

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