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Introducing the Wristband Credit Card

UD - Vitaband Money: it comes in handy.

But on certain occasions—like your morning jog—you can’t bother with a wallet, and you’re forced to rely on either your personal aura of wealth or a high-tech wrist-mounted credit card.

For now, we’ll focus on the second one.

Allow us to introduce you to Vitaband, an innocuous-looking wrist strap that doubles as an electronic stash of money and info, available now.

Think of this as a digital wallet disguised as a wristband. It’s the brainchild of a pair of long-distance runners who noticed they were leaving the house with no ID or money, and decided to solve that problem the best way they knew how: with an ergonomic rubber band and computer chips.

So when you need to pause your marathon for some water and/or a quick rubdown, you can pay for it by tapping your wrist on the shop’s card reader. (It works, as we understand it, through magic.)

And on the off chance that you somehow train too hard—this is what happens when Bear Grylls is your personal trainer—and find yourself in need of medical attention, it’s got an ID number printed on the inside of the band that will lead your rescuer to your name, address, allergies and emergency contact info.

Along with your favorite brand of smelling salts.

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