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A Secluded New Downtown Date Spot

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Church pews.

They’re great for listening to sermons, observing fancy hats and covertly checking football scores on your phone.

Also, with the right amount of housemade almond beer, they make for a pretty sexy pre-seduction spot.

Which brings us to Nemesis Urban Bistro, a secluded date spot from a Top Chef alum quietly feeding friends and family now, officially opening on Tuesday.

First off, the name. It’s inspired by a quote from the Guy Ritchie flick Snatch and, well, it boils down to the chef’s passion for food. Meaning, it’s so strong as to be menacing (like the way you feel about the Mavericks).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about where you’ll be sitting. The place looks like a set out of 50 First Dates: vintage rotary phones, flea market chairs, Warhol-type prints... a sculpture made out of neckties. Your best move—guiding your date to one of the church pews by the window and settling in for a parade of small plates, most of which come with their own paired glass of wine or beer.

On the menu: comfort food from Micah Edelstein (she’s the sassy South African from Top Chef season 3). Bites of Tuscan Sushi made with prosciutto and figs, Ostrich Carpaccio paired with Spanish wine, and bison with huckleberry dark chocolate sauce.

Bison and chocolate: always a date-night winner.

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