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A Bikini That Charges Your Phone

UD - Solar Bikini You care about the planet.

You also care about the bikini.

But finally, there’s a way to care about both.

Introducing the Solar Bikini, a skimpy solution to the world’s energy problems, available now.

We’d like to think this tiny miracle of science was invented after a long night of watching Real Genius and reading Playboy in a greenhouse. So when you and a close personal friend/Laker Girl are at the beach, soaking up the sun, you can generate some literal electricity.

Now, because you’re undoubtedly mostly interested in the technology, here’s how it works: the two-piece is covered in photovoltaic film strips that send a five-volt charge to a USB slot at the end of a cable, which can power anything from your phone to the camera you’re using to document it all.

And since you wouldn’t want this technology to fall into the wrong hands, each model is a custom job, made to her exact measurements. There’s also a male version—a pair of photovoltaic trunks—which comes with a self-chilling beer koozie, thanks to a few more cells and a slightly stronger power source.

Ben Franklin would be so proud.

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