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Your Workout Mix: Shared with the World

UD - MyStream Music has given you the strength to do great things.

Power through a few all-nighters. Glide past that Kenyan in your 5K. Air guitar for W at his Christmas party.

And now... it can help your exercise partner keep up.

Introducing MyStream, an iPhone app that lets friends (like your pals at the gym) listen to your playlists in real time, available now.

This is your chance to DJ your workout group’s next training session—through their earbuds. Oh, the lives you (and Kanye) will improve...

The first step is to download this app and sync up your training playlist. Then, you’ll want to press two buttons in the app. One will publish your playlist for the masses to see (and hear). Which is great. But the second button is key here.

When you press that button, the entire world (or at least the part of the world that has this app) can listen to your music at the exact same time that you do. Which means that when you kick off your Navy SEALs training/Pilates session, everyone can pump iron to your legendary “Survival of the Fittest” playlist.

They’ll love Iron Maiden during the lunges.

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