Vertical Horizon

Presenting the Vertical Record Player

UD - Vertical Vinyl The MP3. Great invention.

But... well, it’s just not that fun to watch. So it’s time you gave your vinyl collection a little more love.

And mounted a record player on the wall.

Introducing the Vertical Vinyl, a turntable that plays vertically, available now.

Now this weekend. You could plug in your iPod. Hit play. And let your go-to barbecue mix (“Grill You Know It’s True”) take over. And that would be just fine. But you’re not one to settle for “just fine.”

So this Sunday, you’ll be gearing up for your infamous grill-off/champagne-sabering contest. And as you set the table with the three-time defending champ (Grandma), you realize you have a problem. The afternoon needs a little bit more showmanship.

That’s when you’ll grab this device and mount it to the wall—a safe distance from any barbecue sauce debauchery. Then, right before you toast to the three-day weekend, you’ll grab an LP, lovingly turn it upright, slide it onto the player and press the needle down as it begins to spin.

Good thing Grandma never goes anywhere without “Bad Medicine.”

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