Eastern Promises

The Next Move Heads to the Hamptons

UD - The Next Move Today begins a Hamptons summer season of untold potential.

In fact, we’re so intrigued by your tentative plans (primarily the ones involving paddleboats) that we’ve decided to join you.

Don’t worry, we’ll travel light, maintain a low profile and keep mostly to your back pocket.

Behold the splendor of UrbanDaddy’s indispensable mobile app, The Next Move, now live in the Hamptons.

If you’re familiar with the New York version (if not, we suggest some heavy soul-searching), you’ll be happy to know this is exactly like that. Except less filling. More linen-friendly. And the real-time, highly filtered, 24/7 concierge recommendations are geared specifically toward your exploits out east.

How you get to the Hamptons: up to you (though we’re staunch advocates for the Standard’s new seaplane shuttle service). But once you arrive for the weekend, before you do anything, literally anything, take out your phone.

To harness the unimaginable power of The Next Move, all you’ll need to do is tell us who you’re with and what you want. We’ll then use our expert knowledge and uncanny knack for knowing precisely what you crave to diagram the play.

So whether you’re looking to track down a dockside silver platter of oysters in Montauk, or an East Hampton prosecco-spewing patio where summering movie directors are in the majority, we’ve got you covered.

Unless you arrive at your boss’s vacation home and find him dead. Then consult Andrew McCarthy.

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