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Leather Straps and Turbines in WeHo

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You’ve always revered historic factories.

The tireless workers. The feats of industry. The models swinging around from leather straps.

If that last thing doesn’t actually happen in factories, it really should...

Take a look at the industrial splendor of The Beverly, opening tomorrow in the legendary former home of Guy’s.

Just like if you were going to an actual factory, your night begins with a velvet rope. Past that, you’ll enter a rustic courtyard under some bristling ficus trees—making sure to say hello to the Trousdale crew that runs the place.

Inside, you’ll navigate your way through an opulent sprawl of backlit turbines and huge, intricate light fixtures made from old pipes that illuminate stunning actresses and the men who cast them. Also: a DJ. As for what this factory’s manufacturing, our money’s on vodka.

You’ll probably want one of the booths down either wall, instead of those down the middle of the floor—and you’ll see why after you all get your drinks. (They’re created by Top Chef’s Marcel Vigneron, so expect some liquid nitrogen smoke.)

Before long, the music will be loud, and the girls in your group will be climbing up over the seats to grab the leather straps dangling from those walls to hang on to while they dance—sort of like the next generation of a stripper pole.

But classier, obviously.


The Beverly
8713 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90048


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