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Beverly Hills’ New Vampire Lounge

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When she starts talking about the next Twilight movie, you inevitably feel the need to start drinking.

So today we have the perfect place for both of you.

Welcome to Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room, a discreet habitat of wine and Dracula lore, quietly open now in Beverly Hills.

First off, a disclaimer: you won’t be sipping merlot with actual vampires. Sorry. But come in after sundown and you’ll find a candlelit cove filled with gargoyles, ornate mirrors...  and a sommelier named Igor. (Really. And he sometimes wears fangs.)

You’ll want to take a seat at the tiny counter, possibly next to a True Blood actress. (At least one has already put down some vino here.) Or if you need a bit more privacy, head up past the mirrors to the overstuffed couches in the small balcony filled with Anne Rice books.

Long story short, this is a tasting room for Vampire Vineyards, whose wines once came from Transylvania, but these days hail from California. So you’ll be sampling wines like the Chateau du Vampire Midnight Rendezvous (it’s a syrah-grenache-counoise blend) between bites of predominantly red foods like charcuterie and gazpacho.

And if you taste something you like, it’s okay to take it home.

Just make sure it has a reflection.

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