Polar Express

Like Sleeping on a Glacier

UD - Polar Pillow You handle tense situations with the icy calm of a neurosurgeon.

You’re constantly called Cool Hand Luke, even though your name is Philip.

Bottom line: you’re not a hothead. However, your head does tend to get warm while you sleep.

Not anymore.

Presenting Polar Pillow, your new buddy for keeping your head at optimal cool temperatures during night-night time, available now.

First of all: we know. This is a huge problem for you, hot pillows. We’re just thankful that today we can help you eradicate them from your life.

You’ll want to think of the Polar Pillow as something Robert Zemeckis dreamed up when outfitting adult Marty McFly’s house with props in Back to the Future Part II (probably wedged on a list between hoverboards and dehydrated pizza).

But this is no imaginary piece of slumber-aiding science fiction. Rather, it’s something akin to a two-sided coin: on one side, you have a pillow filled with soft, lucid, REM-inducing pillow stuff (also known as “cotton”).

On the other, you have 200 ounces of a soft, malleable gel that captures the ambient air in the room and disperses it to your skull, keeping your head cool and sweat-free for hours.

Depending on what activity is happening on the pillow, of course.

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