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Like Craigslist for Lawyers

UD - Legal Playground It happens.

You go out to dinner with your old friend Mickey Rourke, and then, a few hours, a few Negronis and at least one totaled golf cart later, well... you need a lawyer. And fast.

At times like this, there’s literally only one place you can turn: the Internet.

Introducing Legal Playground, a sort of Craigslist for your lawyering needs, online now.

Think of this as backup for when your personal lawyer on retainer is out of the country.

So back to the golf cart. Step one: resuscitate Rourke. Step two: pull up this site (or use the app) and scan through the list of local attorneys, sorted according to their areas of specialty. (Traffic violations and/or sporting mishaps should do here.)

If no one picks up your call—after all, it is 3:30 in the morning—you can also leave a message on the site’s bulletin board, describing your situation (“Went Knievel on the 11th hole... allegedly”), and wait for them to come to you.

And more importantly, it won’t count as your phone call.

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