Base in the Hole

Handcrafted Axes from a Real-Life Paul Bunyan

UD - Base Camp X Walk with us.

To a dark and stormy night on the banks of the Nantahala.

In the distance, a choir of wolves stakes its claim on the moonlit hinterland that surrounds you. The torrent from above slowly suffocates the last remaining trace of a once virile campfire.

And then it hits you—it’s either you or the forest.

All right, so we’re being dramatic. Still, let’s go find you an axe or something...

Welcome to Base Camp X, your new virtual outpost for all things epic outdoor adventure and self-sufficient badassery (but mostly axes and survival knives), online now.

Now, to be clear, this is basically an online shop solely dedicated to churning out one-of-a-kind, handcrafted axes and knives. But not the two-bit knockoff jobs you might find at, say, a home improvement store. No, we’re talking about the ability to go full Paul Bunyan on any unsuspecting forest, jungle or hotel from The Shining that happens to look at you the wrong way.

Each one is handmade and meticulously labored upon by a Canadian survivor-type named Graeme (why yes, he does live in a cabin) who will personally sign and fire-brand your stick before it ships. There’s anything from the lightweight Pathfinder series all the way up to the heavyweight, small-batch-production Titanis series... a Tennessee hickory handle topped with five pounds of high-carbon tooling steel.

They had you at tooling steel.

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