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Introducing the Motorcycle Limousine

UD - Moto Limos Quick, imagine it:

You’ve found yourself in an urgent third-act-of-a-Hollywood-romantic-comedy situation.

In other words, you’ve got a wedding to stop. Across town. In LA traffic.

Not a problem: call your motorcycle chauffeur and tell him to step on it.

Introducing Moto Limos, here to duck and weave you through Los Angeles traffic in style, available now.

Think of this as a limousine in motorcycle form. A pocket limousine, if you will. Complete with a chauffeur and a wall between you and the driver. (Note: there is no wall between you and the driver.)

You’ll want to keep this in mind for any zany, rom-com-type situations like the one mentioned above. Or when you need to get from Westwood to Pasadena in 10 minutes for a corporate takeover. Or to a Lakers playoff game. Or a Dodger Dog.

They’ve got a few different membership plans to choose from, depending on how many motorcycle-limo-related emergencies you generally find yourself caught up in each month. (Typical month: three to five.)

And as for your chariot: it’s a six-cylinder Gold Wing, with room to store a couple of bags and built-in XM radio.

Every climax requires a proper soundtrack.

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