Stone Cold

The Next Breakthrough in Whiskey Technology

UD - Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses First, there was ice. A short time later, there was whiskey.

A little after that, some wise soul got tired of watering down his drink, and brought in freezable stones to keep things cold.

Now it’s time for your glass to take over...

Introducing Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses, a new set of stone beverage-holders devoted to keeping your drink cold, available for preorder now.

In other words, they took the world’s stone-iest ice cube and carved it into a shot glass. Here’s what you’ll want to do: the next time you find yourself prepping for a long night (you’re negotiating biopic rights with Harvey Weinstein), just leave these in the freezer the evening before. The next night, you’ll be able to exchange shots and quips without breaking your concentration with a trip to the ice maker. (Your eventual cameo depends on it.)

The glasses are carved out of gray soapstone—a type of rock known for soaking up heat— so they should behave roughly the same as a block of ice when you splash in something single-malted. Fair warning: the glasses really are ice cold, so your fingers might catch a bit of a chill.

If there were ever a time for whiskey gloves...

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