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And Now, a Bicycle in Your Pool

UD - Monte Carlo Pool Bike You and Lance Armstrong have a lot in common. You’ve biked up mountains in record speeds. You like to wear yellow. You had a thing with Sheryl Crow.

But sometimes, you want to get a little more Michael Phelps on that scene. Meaning, stick your bike in the pool and start pedaling in your swimsuit. Yes, the Monte Carlo Pool Bike has arrived.

What you have here is basically a rust-proof version of the best stationary bike on the market. The bike was developed in Monaco (by a team of Speedo-wearing scientists, we assume) and is designed to give your muscles a better workout than you can get on land—because of the inherent challenge of, well, moving in the water.

You’ll want to have one of these strategically placed in your infinity pool when you’ve got the Australian women’s water polo team over for their monthly barbecue/training session. Sure, at first they’ll be annoyed about sharing precious pool real estate with the two-wheeler; but next thing you know, you’ll be refereeing an epic aquatic spin-off.

As if there’s any other kind of spin-off.

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