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Suggested Servings... by the Pint

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - Beer Nutrition Glasses Your body is a very precious thing to you.

In that respect, not so unlike your beer.

So naturally, you like to keep track of what’s going into both of them...

With that admirable goal in mind, we present you with these: Beer Nutrition Glasses, pint glasses with an admittedly dubious description of the nutritional benefits of your favorite beverage.

Think of this as the kind of barware US Secretary of Agriculture and Cabinet meeting kegmeister Tom Vilsack would serve you a cold, frosty one in... actually, we hear that may be a backup plan depending on how the whole 2012 election turns out.

You see, on the back of the glass is a very lifelike imitation of the USDA nutrition chart for beer, listing its key attributes: calories, carbs, protein, etc. Though just like real USDA labels, it’s silent on other attributes, like enhancing your ability to see the beauty in others.

But as you know, like precious snowflakes, no two beer styles are precisely alike. So the 146 calories that this glass lists may prove a bit optimistic if you’re pouring yourself a rich and frothy stout. Then again, if you’re imbibing a crisp pilsner, you may find yourself with some extra calories to spare.

But keep trying. We’re sure you’ll find one that’s 146 calories sooner or later.

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