High Five

Winning the Fight Against Interruptions (with Music)

UD - Take Five You’re never one to shy away from tackling the big issues.

Monitoring Egyptian elections. Moderating NFL labor disputes. And, of course, working on a technical fix to automatically restart your work playlists.

Introducing Take Five, an app that’ll serve as your own personal play button, now available for your Mac or iPhone.

Think of this as a friendly reminder to un-pause your playlist after any and all interruptions. Here’s how this works: you’ll be at the office, finalizing the details of your solution for the NFL lockout. And you’ll need the focus only an MP3 player (and your Getting Stuff Done, Vol. 7 playlist) can provide.

So you’ll download this app. Figure out how long your average interruption is—anywhere from one to 30 minutes. This is known as the countdown clock.

Then, as you’re slaving away over Goodell’s testimony, you get a call—Ochocinco tweeted something incendiary again—and you never get back to pressing play again. But then, suddenly, you’ll hear the stirring strains of “Here I Go Again”...

Nothing says testimonial analysis like Whitesnake.

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