iPod Docks Made from Vintage Radios

UD - 3ryan Radios A quick history of the portable music player.

1920s: Commercial radios go into widespread use.

1980s: Introducing... the boom box.

2001: The iPod.

And today we bring you... well, back to the radio.

Meet 3ryan Radios, a collection of antique radios from the 1920s to the 1960s that have been overhauled to blast your latest iPod playlist, now available online.

Thanks to a couple of Brooklyn engineers and their love for retro radios, you can plug your music player into a 1920s music device and hear the sweet, sweet sounds of “Walk This Way.”

Their collection includes everything from a (relatively) tiny Philco from the ’40s, to the oldest: a full-size, freestanding, boxy Kolster from 1928. Pick one, and within three weeks you’ll have a radio worthy of Nucky Thompson’s brothel.

So let’s say you’re entertaining your cognac tasting club in your old-world study. As glasses are refilled, you get the sixth sense of a seasoned host. Background music is needed—and now. So you’ll connect your MP3 player to the antique radio and get things started. And before you know it, the crisp vintage speakers will produce a suitable song.

You know, like “Poker Face.”

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