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A Kegerator Don Draper Would Love

UD - Elmira Stove Works Ever since the inventions of draft beer and the refrigerator, wild-eyed dreamers have tried to combine the two.

So far, the results had been, shall we say... dorm-worthy.

But like any good idea, it was bound to produce genius at some point.

Time to meet Elmira Stove Works, makers of what we’re calling the world’s first handsome keg-ready refrigerator, available now.

After years of careful engineering study, they’ve combined the functional majesty of the beer tap with the cold-making powers of the fridge. And thanks to a retro-styled front piece, it looks like it was lifted from the set of Mad Men—instead of off the lawn at Sigma Phi.

On the inside, all you need to do is clear a keg-shaped spot in the fridge and connect it to the preinstalled flex tube. Then you’ve got a working beer tap attached to the front of your fridge, accessible the instant you feel a pang of lager-related desire. And when a certain sporting event comes around this Saturday—possibly involving collegiate basketball—you’ll be equipped to handle any scenario.

But mostly the “people wanting beer” scenario.

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