Taking Back What You Did This Weekend

UD - Last Night Never Happened The weekend’s over, but you’re still in pain.

Physical and emotional pain. Both, incidentally, stem from doing the worm on a marble dance floor.

If only you could take some of it back. Well, we’re here to help...

Introducing Last Night Never Happened, an iPhone app that erases everything you did on Facebook and Twitter, now available.

Think of this as a digital fixer—when time is of extreme importance and your social media footprint is a little hazy, this will instantly remove all posts, tweets, photos and messages.

So back to the worm. The next morning, you woke up in an Uptown penthouse, wearing a full tux, next to two undiscovered Picassos and one bald eagle. As you try to fill in the gaps (and the eagle’s water bowl), your iPhone says you’re tagged in 50 photos, and you have 20,000 new followers and one Facebook message from a Kardashian.

And that’s when you remember your investors are on Facebook. And on Twitter. So you’ll calmly download this app and log in via your accounts. Then tell the app how far back you would like to erase everything (up to days, if necessary). Next you’ll see the number of posts, tweets, photos and messages to be deleted. Approve. And like that, nothing ever happened.

Well, unless your investors already saw your tweets.

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