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New York real estate can be tricky.

Sure, you’ve seen proof that it’s possible to fit a regulation jai alai court in a city apartment. But mostly, space is limited.

And when space is limited, people get crafty.

Which explains Amor y Amargo, a general store/bitters tasting room/chef’s table/accredited cocktail academy from the Death & Co folks that’s tucked into a single cranny of the Cienfuegos complex, opening tomorrow.

Located inside the sandwich shop formerly known as Carteles (only the good pressed Cubanos die young), this place is basically the clown car equivalent of a nightlife bazaar. There’s wooden stock shelves filled with experimental bitters (think Gingerbread or Habanero Shrub). An eight-seat, white-tiled bar for impeccably built Negronis. And enough leftover space to cram in the city’s only sweet vermouth tap.

Now, should you prefer to test-drive your Sazeracs in private (or make them yourself during a multicourse, Latin-tinged dinner), you’ll want to reserve the entire saloon for use as a personal chef’s table. This’ll give you a chance to interact with the kitchen (they love constructive ibérico-ham-related criticism) and challenge the bartender to dueling digestifs.

And if you’re thinking of going back to school to prepare for the impending showdown, the tasting room is also offering open enrollment for their in-house cocktail college.

They’re a point guard away from making noise in the Big East.


Amor y Amargo
443 E 6th St
(near Ave A)
New York, NY, 10009


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