Knock on Would

An Extremely Social Network on Facebook

UD - iWould Tact. Strategery. Measurement. Pinpoint calculation.

Tools that have served you well in negotiations, contract disputes and all matters high-finance.

And now, booty calls.

Introducing iWould, a private application that lets you separate Facebook friends from Facebook friends with benefits, online now.

Think of this as a secret wish list of formal online acquaintances you’d like to enter into casual offline affairs with. You’ll use this when you’re ready to put a swift and decisive end to the playful “will they, or won’t they” banter you’ve had for the past five months with an office coworker (or sitcom costar).

All you need to do is covertly select the profiles (up to 10 at once) of friends you’d be interested in tangling with. If any of them have included you on their list, you’ll both receive a notification that it’s on till the break of dawn. If not, no one will ever be the wiser. The data will forever be sealed in a secure lockbox. And stuffed into Zuckerberg’s attic.

Now, there’s nothing stopping you from launching these investigative probes as many times as you’d like, but be advised that a match won’t actually be recorded unless it’s kept for several hours.

Second-guessing is the first mistake.

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