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Late-Night Cocktailing on the Bowery

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Last night, you were cramped courtside at the Knicks game.

Sunday night, you’ll be cramped between Natalie and Mila at the Kodak.

So tomorrow, you’ll want to focus on one thing, and one thing only:

Leg room.

Introducing The Trilby, a spacious new nightspot with a very similar vibe to your living room, only with extra tufted leather couches and a less stringent door policy, opening tomorrow on the Bowery.

It’s best to consider this in terms of haves and have-nots. Haves: a sprawling lounge of wood/velvet where booths are sufficiently nooked, sofas are wrapped around tree stumps, and the Moules Frites may actually leave you inebriated. Have-nots: a reservation policy or a conversation-killing DJ.

You’ll want to incorporate this spot as a before, after or in-between option for when you find yourself turned around in the Bowery. A place where you’ll order up the namesake cocktail (scotch, sweet vermouth and Parfait d’Amour), pair it with some Mini Short Rib Sandwiches and make yourself at home on a broken-in vintage couch for a few hours.

And as one might expect from a room of predominantly reclaimed wood, it’ll expand in the summer. The banquettes, settees and even boozy pots of mussels will all be moved outside into the garden.

No, not that Garden.


The Trilby
25 Cooper Square
New York, NY, 10003


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