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Training for Everest... by Email

UD - Fit For Trips Climbing Kilimanjaro. Hiking across Antarctica. Vacationing with Charlie Sheen.

These are not the kinds of adventures you should enter into lightly. You’re going to need some hardcore training. The kind of hands-on, personalized regimen that you can only get... online.

Introducing Fit for Trips, a site offering workout plans tailored to your next getaway, available now.

So the next time you’re gearing up to attack Everest, kayak through the Caribbean or zipline across Guam, you’ll have a virtual coach at the ready. Depending on your exact plans, there’s a strong chance they’ll have a workout routine already planned out. If it’s something more exotic (like that Guam trip), they’ll put together a custom plan.

Then you’re in for two to four months of training, with cardio work, lunges, lifts and curls, all with carefully calibrated weights and reps, and the occasional video accompaniment. (If this were Rocky, this would be the montage sequence.) By the last few weeks, you will have built up to the exact workout you’ll be facing on the mountain/Caribbean/zipline.

You’ll have to practice your après-ziplining separately.

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