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A Hollywood Club with a Secret Basement

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There are few things more enticing than a glittering new nightspot at the end of a long, hard week.

Except a glittering new nightspot... with another secret glittering nightspot hidden underneath it.

So welcome to Tru Hollywood, your new labyrinth of debauchery, now open for private events. And also welcome to its secret basement lounge, 1 Below.

First, a word of warning. As this place is slowly unveiled, you might show up when only one level or the other is open. But in the very near future, we envision a night that goes something like this:

You enter on Argyle across from the W, the heavy bass of Drai’s somewhere overhead. Through a curtain of crystals in the foyer, you catch glimpses of the cavernous black, gray and red main room beyond, with mirrored tables, two bars and a go-go girl behind glass. (Don’t worry: she’s got oxygen.) It’ll probably be packed, and most people will be dancing. Even people who, like Brandon Walsh, aren’t “dancers.”

Eventually, you’ll meet somebody, and you’ll head off to one of the two staircases (one in the foyer, and another behind the DJ booth). Both lead down to a covert sprawl of tufted couches, red curtains and overstuffed bookshelves. This is where you two will find a dark corner to order champagne and maybe some crab cakes and sliders.

Or where you’ll do some reading.


Tru Hollywood and 1 Below
1600 N Argyle Ave
(at Selma)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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