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A Courtyard Lounge of Gin and Pizza

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Well, it’s over.

And after all the hubbub about roses and chocolate and ominous archery, you’ve got one thing on your mind:

You could really use a drink.

Like a Strawberry-Basil Gimlet, topped with prosecco, or a Blueberry-Pomegranate Mojito, topped with ginger beer. Maybe with a date... maybe not.

Welcome to 31Ten, a sprawling new courtyard lounge for alfresco nights of gin and pizza, now quietly open on Main Street in Santa Monica.

First things first: the space might seem a little familiar, if you dropped by over the last couple years when it was called Hidden, then Cache. You still cut through an anonymous-looking building to find a staircase leading up to 5,000 square feet of brick, rustling trees and strung-up white lights. Only, they don’t have tables.

Okay, they still have tables. But not dinner tables. Just a place to put your drink down. Because this is the kind of place where you’ll commandeer a couch with some friends for a leisurely happy hour (it’s 5 to 7pm), order some Moscow Mules... and before you know it, evening has turned to night, a DJ has materialized, somebody ordered some lamb skewers and wood-fired pizzas, and things have gotten loud. Loud and blurry.

Lamb skewers have a way of doing that.

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