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Making Espresso with Your Pecs

UD - Presso Ever since your vintage Italian espresso machine went on the fritz (you know, the one that they used on the set of ), your home espresso intake has dropped dramatically.

But today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve found a solution. No, it doesn’t involve Starbucks. But it does require a little chest workout...

Presenting Presso, an espresso maker that requires only hot water and the power of your mighty chest muscles, now available online.

Basically, if a fruit juicer, an espresso maker and a pec-deck machine got together and had a love child, this would be the handsome offspring.

Using it is simple: just fill the chrome filter with your chosen finely ground Italian coffee (not the stuff from Palermo, the stuff from Milan), lock it and add boiling water to the cup at the top.

Then, the key move: press the machine’s arms down using the sheer might of your mass. What will emerge is a perfect cup of espresso, topped off by the trademark slick of foam.

Your pecs will be providing the energy, so it’s environmentally friendly. And you’ll be buying American, as this authentic Italian espresso maker hails from... Kansas.

Up next: a leg press/Swiss chocolate maker from Arkansas.

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