The Cutting Room

Making the Cut

The Sunset Strip’s New Rock Bar

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When you step into a bar, you can practically hear the power chords announcing your arrival.

Occasionally, that’s because there actually are power chords announcing your arrival.

Which brings us to The Cutting Room, your new lounge for beer, bourbon and rock-and-roll, now open on the Sunset Strip.

Think of this like your bedroom in high school with the stereo up―and with more bourbon. The walls are plastered with old Ramones and Aerosmith album covers, along with the occasional hallowed guitar signed by Led Zeppelin or the Doors. All of which should give you a pretty good idea of the music you’ll be hearing in here.

The doors at the front slide open on warm nights, so if you brought a date (the volume here is set to “you can still hear each other talk”), you’ll want a patch of leather all the way in the back. Bring over a round of Rogue Dead Guy Ales, or a few fingers of basil-infused honey bourbon. (Basil: the official garnish of rock.)

And they’re not really talking about it, but if you want a pizza from the Olive next door, it’s the same owner, so they can probably make that happen.

You always have pizza on your rider.


The Cutting Room
8462 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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