The Rag & Bone Rickey Event

Rag Time

Shirts, Jackets and Cocktails in Georgetown

UD - The Rag & Bone Rickey Event We think we know what you’re going to do tomorrow. Hint: it involves one-of-a-kind shirts and jackets, midday drinking and, we’re told, balmy tropical temperatures.

Okay, maybe not all of those things.

Presenting The Rag & Bone Rickey Event, taking place tomorrow at Lost Boys in Georgetown to bring you fine hooch along with fine cotton.

You already know Rag & Bone for its “English rock star on a day off” vibe (Thom Yorke is a fan, but you can be less morose and still wear this stuff well). Hanging out tomorrow will be the Brooklyn-based tailor who hand-sews shirts and jackets for them. Think ultra-slim-fit shirts with metallic buttons for your late-night DJing sessions, and deep-V blazers with single-button cuffs for when you absolutely need to impress the folks at the Italian embassy.

And we’re happy to report that a bartender from Bourbon will be on hand to mix you a rickey (which is your go-to daytime cocktail anyway).

Plus, we have it on good authority that some other Rag & Bone folks have promised to bring some of their spring line that won’t be available to the public until March.

Just in time for your annual trip to Mallorca.


The Rag & Bone Rickey Event
at Lost Boys
1033 31st St NW
Washington, DC, 20007

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