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Turning Facebook and Twitter into a Newspaper

UD - Facebook and Twitter.

You’ve heard of them.

And so has your at-work social media firewall.

But there’s something that can get around it: a newspaper.

Meet, a website that turns all your Facebook and Twitter news feeds into an online newspaper, available now.

Simply put, this is like running your own online printing press (newsboy cap optional).

Here’s how it works: first, finish detagging yourself in those Vegas pics from New Year’s. Second, go to this site. Third, click on “create a paper.”

You’ll describe what your paper will cover (say, Super Bowl party shenanigans) and how often it will update. Then, you’ll pick specific people and keywords for your paper to follow—we recommend some combination of @iamdiddy, that Packers fan from accounting and #polamaluhair.

Next thing you know, you’ll be sitting at work, reading minute-by-minute updates on who spilled what on which Kardashian. (Or, as you’ll call it, “the news.”) And like most great publications, your newspaper deserves a massive following, so you can make it open to the public.

Better yet, no paper routes.

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