On the Rox

A Hollywood Club with a Romantic Side

It’s Friday night. The drinks are flowing. The crowds are insane. You’re pretty sure you just saw a camel on Hollywood Boulevard.

It can be tough to forge a deep, meaningful connection in this kind of chaos.

Unless you’re at Hollywood’s most sensitive new nightclub, with romantic declarations scrawled all over the walls―welcome to Roxbury, officially opening tonight.

Behind Hemingway’s, around the corner on Ivar, you’ll see tall silver doors opening into a slender, towering courtyard with 40-foot walls covered in tangled greenery.

Up the steps in the back, you’ll whisk your date into a space that looks like a two-story nightclub from Tron. Behind a central donut-shaped bar, you’ll sit down at your banquette under a wall that reads: “I was half in love with her by the time we sat down.” When she’s ready for a refill, you’ll tenderly lift the bottle of vodka from your glass-topped table, which has a neon message: “Love me tender.”

Of course, to see all this, it’ll help to know owner/film producer Elie Samaha, who brought Julia Roberts and Sly Stallone to the original Roxbury in WeHo years ago―or promoters Louis Carreon and Michael Utsinger (of Teddy’s), your hosts for the next few Fridays.

It’s sort of like book club for Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, only not.
Note: Roxbury, open Fridays starting tonight, 323-469-0040 (shared line with Hemingway’s)


1661 Ivar Ave
(south of Hollywood)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028

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