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UD - Daytum You’ve got a lot on your plate.

If even half of your New Year’s resolutions hold up, you’ve got 12 months to climb Kilimanjaro, run a four-minute mile and bench press a compact car. And to get it all done, you’re going to need some help.

In the form of cold, hard data.

Introducing Daytum, an iPhone app that lets you track and graph every last detail of your life, available now.

You might be familiar with the web-only version, where you could generate extensive charts and graphs tracking every single detail of your life. This is like that, but pocket-sized.

So let’s say you’re at the gym. You’ve finished a particularly impressive round of bench pressing. After you’re done, you can punch in the weight lifted, number of reps and amount of times that brunette in the spandex looked over approvingly. After a few weeks, you’ll have enough data to graph everything from your crunch-to-squat ratio to the average number of protein shakes it takes to give you brain freeze.

Then you can try your hand at less exercise-oriented charts—like your yearly intake of Nicolas Cage movies, a history of your gradual shift from Tabasco to Cholula or a taxonomy of every slider you’ve consumed in the past year.

Nothing pairs with Ghost Rider like a slider.

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