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The Potential Arrival of the Online Coat Rack

UD - Online Coat Rack Life as we know it wouldn’t be what it is without some ingenuity: electricity, cars, the remote... But many more inventions need to be realized before our lives resemble The Jetsons. Hence, the one we want to see come true in ’11...

It’s San Francisco Survival Skills 101: you must layer.

In other words, our weather is an enigma that’s predictable in its unpredictability.

But we’ve come across something that just might change everything (and it’s not the Weather Channel)...

Introducing the Online Coat Rack, a high-tech version of your traditional coat rack that’s equipped to assist you with some of your most crucial sartorial decisions of the day.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity: five hooks are mounted lengthwise under a sleek white analog barometer that’s connected to the Internet and calibrated to shift left and right like an old-school car radio. But this isn’t your regular scientific gizmo that only a meteorologist would understand. It’s labeled for the layman, with categories like “stormy” or “rain” on one side of the spectrum and “fair” or “very dry” on the other.

Of course, there will be those days when the dial will be equidistant from two categories. In these instances, you might have to revert back to those trusty survival skills...

Or look out the window.

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