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The Potential Arrival of the Remote-Control Kitchen

UD - FTK Future Kitchen Warning: today, we’re telling you about something crazy. Revolutionary, even. It may very well forever change the way you look at refrigerators. There’s only one thing: technically, it doesn’t exist. Well, not yet.

It’s December 22, and needless to say, you’re busy—gifts don’t walk themselves to the gift-wrapping counter.

So you’ve earned a little quality sofa time... with some popcorn, fresh pumpkin pie and maybe a nice glass of champagne waiting for you.

So you’ll do the only logical thing: text your oven, and tell it to start baking. Or, well, you will. In the future.

Introducing FTK Future Kitchen, a developing technology that lets you control your kitchen appliances via text messaging, available... someday.

This is basically like having a remote control for all your appliances in your pocket at all times.

So say you’re hosting a party. And you’re the evening’s chef. But you just cannot be in the kitchen—everyone’s dying to hear your spelunking kitten-rescue story. (The video made it to YouTube.)

You’ll head to the living room as you text the oven to fire up a honey-roasted ham. Then, while watching the video, you’ll send a note to the microwave to heat up the carrot stew. Finally, after you’ve told the story of why you named the kitten “Lionheart,” you’ll walk into the kitchen as the oven and microwave buzzers go off. And now, dinner is ready.

Up next: emailing your hot tub.

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