Bamboo Bike Studio


Two-Day Bike-Building Workshops

UD - Bamboo Bike Studio You use your hands every day.

But we both know that merely typing at your laptop is a waste of your gifts.

In fact, we’re convinced you could walk into a room filled with bamboo, build your own bike from scratch and pedal out...

Welcome Bamboo Bike Studio, a new bike shop focused on helping you turn stalks of bamboo into fully functioning, lightweight two-wheelers, now taking reservations for upcoming weekend bike-making sessions.

Now, you’re probably thinking that your sheer biking power would crush a bike made out of bamboo, but bamboo fibers are so tough that a frame will have at least the same strength as steel. And since it’s incredibly lightweight, most of the comparisons have been made to carbon (though don’t bank on finding Lance Armstrong riding one anytime soon).

And while you could go chop down some giant grass yourself, we think you could learn a thing or two from these engineering wizards out of Brooklyn, who’ve built hundreds of bamboo bikes. They’ll provide everything you need, which is essentially the bamboo and a wrench.

Then, you and five others will go about shaping the specially treated stalks into your own frame and wrapping a thin carbon fabric around the joints. On day two, you’ll fasten all the necessary components, like chains, handlebars, pedals and brakes. Then pedal back home.

Just steer clear of hungry-looking pandas.


Bamboo Bike Studio
982 Post St
(at Larkin)
San Francisco, CA, 94109

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