Hollywood’s Zany New Supper Club

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You’ve been saying it for awhile now:

Hollywood could really use a solid dose of pure Amsterdam insanity.

Little did you know what power you truly wield…

Welcome to Supperclub, a crazy Hollywood theater of dinner, dancing, performance art and hula hoops, officially grand opening tomorrow, 20 years after the Amsterdam original’s debut.

You’ll find it on Hollywood Boulevard, so between that and the fact that this is from Holland, it shouldn’t surprise you that this starts with a permanent red carpet in the lobby.

Follow it to a cocktail lounge, where everything is red except your starting round of Black Pearl Gibsons (gin, vermouth and a squid ink-infused onion).

Then you’re ready for the main event―step into the blindingly white main room of the old Vogue theater to find your table. And by table, we mean giant bed. Get your pillows arranged and don’t worry about the menu. Because there isn’t one.

You’ll get four courses, but you won’t know whether you’re getting Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin until a screen rises to reveal what the chef is making you. Because, naturally, he’ll be doing his cooking onstage.

And as restaurant-theater becomes nightclub-theater, the stage (and the floor, and the ceiling) will be taken over by an always-changing mix of musicians, painters, DJs… and the occasional limber woman dangling above the dance floor from a hula hoop.

This has Hudsucker Proxy 2 written all over it.

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