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500 Beers from an Old Bank Vault

UD - The Up Cellar Hoarding.

Not the most pleasant word. Out with the old, in with the new, is what you say.

But hey, if someone else feels the urge to inexplicably stash away their personal effects for a rainy day, you’re not one to judge.

Especially when that someone is the Brick Store Pub.

And those personal effects happen to be about 500 beers...

Welcome to The Up Cellar, a curious little room on the second floor of the Brick Store filled with over 500 vintage brews that have been quietly tucked away in a bank vault for over five years—until now.

You may have heard whispers and back-alley rumblings of a late-’20s bank vault that sits directly beneath the pub (okay, so the bartender told you). But yes, it’s there. And for the past five years, the owners have been buying and stashing away oddities like Fuller’s Vintage Ale, Stille Nacht Reserva and all manner of rare Trappist ales (monks make the best booze). Only now, they’ve decided to move it all upstairs... and share.

So you’ll want to head to the second floor and immediately bank right, which will land you in a tiny, wood-laced and temperature-controlled cellar with row after row of bottles organized by vintage and style. Choose wisely, then take your selection(s) back to the bar for a ceremonial top-popping and some Shepherd’s Daughter’s Pie.

You only pop tops with shepherd’s daughters.


The Up Cellar
at Brick Store Pub
125 E Court Square
Decatur, GA, 30030

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