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Cheap Drinks and Pool on the Westside

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You love your mom.

You love your raucous bars.

Historically, these have been very separate loves.

But now there’s a familial new Westside bar that’s boldly combining the two―especially at 1:30am when AC/DC is blasting from the jukebox and somebody just brought you Jell-O shots.

Introducing Mom’s Bar, opening tomorrow.

Basically, if your mom were a jovial, tattooed trucker who could really hold her liquor, this is the spot she would open. (Also: if your mom fits that description, we’d like to do shots with her.)

Next time you’re in the mood for a rowdy Friday night―so, this Friday night―grab some stools at the communal counter in the middle of the room. It’s the best spot to get to know your neighbors over $3 pints of beer, whiskey shots and a serving of Mom’s Apple Pie (vanilla vodka, Apple Pucker and whipped cream).

To work off your pie-less pie, there’s a pool table back by the jukebox―loser buys burgers from the food trucks parked out front (yes, you can bring the food inside).

And if your bartender looks familiar, it doesn’t mean you’re related. Mom’s Bar is owned by (and staffed with) the same friendly people behind Backstage, the truly legendary dive bar near Sony where the Wizard of Oz Munchkins used to get bombed after shooting.

We hear this is where the Lollipop Guild first took shape.

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