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UD - What Can I Make For You You don’t need much.

Roof over your head. Custom display case for your inner-tube water polo trophies. Maybe a nice single-malt scotch shampoo.

Your wants... well, that’s a whole different animal altogether.

And that’s where these guys come in. Introducing What Can I Make for You, a new service that turns your life’s ever-evolving wish list into reality, then delivers it to your door, now taking requests online.

Just think of this as your own personal genie, only in website instead of tiny golden bottle form. Here’s how it works: first, you’ll dream up anything (repeat, anything) you could ever possibly want or need, from something as simple as a custom-made pair of shoes all the way to a statue of you waterskiing behind a flaming Sphinx while balancing a mermaid on your shoulders.

Then you’ll go to the site and type in what you want, along with your email address, and the minions on the other side will go to work sourcing a maker for your request. Once all the details are ironed out, you’ll get a price quote, which you can either accept or deny.

And from there, it’s only a matter of clearing out a space in your game room and waiting for your champagne-and-steak-tartare-dispensing air hockey table to arrive at your door.

Which should look good next to your sake-and-Skittles-dispensing pinball machine.

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