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20 Billiards Tables and Ms. Pac-Man

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Sure, last weekend was great. Cocktails in Malibu. Movies at the Grove. High-stakes Parcheesi in Tarzana. No complaints.

But in the cold, hard light of Monday, you now know what you needed to achieve true weekend greatness―an epic Saturday-night billiards tourney, mojitos by the carafe and an illicit rendezvous with Ms. Pac-Man.

Here to make sure you get that chance next weekend: Spot 5750, your sprawling new Hollywood pool hall, sports bar and arcade, opening Saturday on Hollywood Boulevard.

Think of this as your chance to relive your childhood arcade trips and your debaucherous college nights at the pool hall—simultaneously. You’ll drop by with your friends after sundown and claim your table―there are 20 of them throughout, and they’re all first-come, first-served. Then you’ll want to summon some Beer-Baked Mac and Cheese and margaritas, mojitos and mai tais by the carafe. You don’t get a glass. Just the carafe.

As you chalk your cue stick (note: not a metaphor), you can keep tabs on the Lakers thanks to more than 50 flat-screens. And anytime you need a break, there’s a dark little arcade straight out of second grade, where Ms. Pac-Man awaits. She missed you.

But if you prefer a bit of exclusivity in your pool halls, head upstairs to ELXR, a second-floor balcony/dance club that’ll be open on the weekends with bottle service, video games and your own private pool table.

It’s like The Hustler, soundtrack by Gaga.


Spot 5750
5750 Hollywood Blvd
(west of Wilton)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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