Things to do for October 21, 2010

The Weekender

Thunderdome, Sushi Roku 2.0 and Cindy Crawford

The weekend has all of its timeouts left.

A Six-Pack of Wine and Your Next Wallet

A Six-Pack of Wine and Your Next Wallet

This week, Perks is bringing you six $25 bottles of wine from the Wine Valet at Two Rodeo Drive—plus gratis parking—for $99. We’re also introducing the UrbanDaddy Dozen, a selection of rugged briefcases, luggage and dopp kits from SF-based Mulholland—at 40% off. That leather wine carrier might come in handy about now...

A Journey into the Film-Exec Mind

A Journey into the Film-Exec Mind

Finally, there’s a Twitter feed that offers you insight into the dark soul of the producer. Follow “The LaLa Exec” and you’ll get timely updates on Tank Attack 2 (he’s transforming it from mumblecore indie to Jim Carrey vehicle) and his mom’s script (the third act has problems). It’s so ridiculous, it almost seems real.

Rare Supermodel Pics at Fahey/Klein

Rare Supermodel Pics at Fahey/Klein

Legendary photog Herb Ritts has a new retrospective on La Brea, and that means arty, rarely seen black-and-white pics of nude models, film stars, and Crawfords and Turlingtons in various states of undress. In other words, your favorite kind of arty.

Opens Oct 21, 7-9pm, shows through Dec 4, Fahey/Klein, 148 N La Brea Ave, 323-934-4243

Sushi Roku Reopens on Third Street

Sushi Roku Reopens on Third Street

After two months of darkness, the original Sushi Roku reopens tomorrow. You can still do a three-hour sushi feast in the dining room, but now there’s a happy hour-appropriate lounge where you can grab $5 well drinks and fried chicken strips. We anxiously await the Sushi Roku to-go bucket.

Living Like You’re in Mad Max

Living Like You’re in <i>Mad Max</i>

To add a bit of apocalypse to your weekend, a rogue band of Mad Max nuts are taking to the desert. If you want to go along for the ride, expect three days of dusty leather, Thunderdome campsites and creatively armored cars. Which will come in handy on the 10 when you get back.

Your LA Live Tab, Discounted

Your LA Live Tab, Discounted

Next time you’re at the LA Live complex for the game, or the concert, or the movie... you’ve now got more incentive to sneak up to the Lounge at WP24 afterward for a cocktail and some sweeping Downtown views. Show your event stub for that day, and your tab will be magically discounted by 15%.

Now available anytime, Ritz-Carlton, 900 W Olympic Blvd, 24th Floor, 213-743-8824

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