On Your Radar

Never Get Another Speeding Ticket

UD - Cobra iRadar Here in LA, life is lived behind the wheel.

During yesterday’s commute you rolled 150 calls, consumed five meals and got three numbers.

In short, you’re vulnerable to racking up a lot of tickets. Or... you were.

Introducing Cobra iRadar, a futuristic fusion of radar detector and iPhone that’ll help you avoid seeing any sirens in your rearview, now available.

Basically, this technology makes most radar detectors look like the automotive equivalent of an eight-track player. The Cobra uses Bluetooth to talk to your iPhone, so your phone will alert you about an upcoming speed trap, and how far away it is, giving you enough time to slow down. (And if you have your phone on map view, you’ll see all the speed traps in the neighborhood.) It’ll also tell you where the stoplight cameras are located, so you know which yellows not to gun it through.

And if you keep getting busted by the same cop hiding behind the same billboard (those Megamind ads are good cover), just flag the location as a problem spot on your phone’s map, and next time you’re approaching the area, you’ll get a reminder to slow down.

You just know Ponch on CHiPs would have hated this.

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