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A Nightclub with Strip-Club Roots

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Unfortunate fact of life: sometimes you have to keep your clothes on.

This is true for you. And it’s also true for strippers. And it’s also true for the people who create highly successful strip clubs.

And so it is that the strip-club empire behind the infamous Spearmint Rhino brings you its first non-strip-club club. Introducing 1616, now open for private parties and soft-opening to the public on Halloween.

Think of it as the bad girl who’s finally gone legit (the Sasha Grey of nightclubs, if you will). To get to it, you’ll enter a dark Downtown lobby, continue down a discreet corridor, and when you see a dance floor under a bunch of clouds, you’ll know you’ve made it to a place that’s like a strip club without the nudity, complete with Grilled Tuscan Rib-Eye, cotton candy and housemade lollipops.

And just so you don’t forget this place is standing on the shoulders of greatness, you’ll see nods to the Rhino all around you—from the photos of their dancers on the walls to the large private room in back, where the booths are separated by curtains of dangling tassels.

There are no ladies disrobing on stage here, but on Saturdays you’re likely to find the Rhino girls coming a few blocks over to get down here on 1616’s dance floor.

No need to tip them.


1616 E 15th St
(east of Hooper)
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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