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The Weather of the Future

UD - WeatherTrends360 We have some late-breaking, critically important news for you today.

Actually, it’s not that important.

But it does involve the weather report. For July 4, 2011...

Introducing WeatherTrends360, a website helmed by a crack team of meteorologists/fortune-tellers/covert operatives that predicts weather patterns nearly one year out in 195 different countries, online now for your vacation scheming assistance.

If this latest week of clouds and rain had you wishing this was the week you had taken your yearly Fijian refresher, this could be your new favorite website (sorry,  

Now, we’re guessing you might be a hair skeptical of the inner workings. And we can’t blame you—these guys are based in Pennsylvania. But they do have top-secret algorithms (we know how you like top-secret algorithms) that take into account solar activity, historical weather patterns and other data points (we have a faint notion that the country western music charts are somehow involved).

And since their forecasts are supposed to be accurate almost a year into the future, we can say with (near) certainty that your June 11, 2011, jaunt to Thailand for your annual suntan lotion consumer satisfaction study will be bathed in glorious sunshine and 78 degree temperatures.

Unfortunately, your Red Square picnic the following month may be in trouble.

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