Sausage Fest

How the Sausage Is Made

UD - The Sausage Club by Seasonal Pantry Every time an election rolls around, you hear the same refrain: let’s get rid of the pork.

And yet... you’re not so sure—especially with Oktoberfest upon us. In fact, you’d prefer your pork doled out at regular intervals.

Twice a month in a care package, in fact.

Introducing The Sausage Club by Seasonal Pantry, a new way to keep your fridge stocked with links, taking members now for biweekly pickups throughout the fall.

You might recognize the name, because these are the same people who brought you this summer’s weekly ice cream club out of a home kitchen in Shaw. This time, the bounty is something more befitting cool, rainy days like today. Also: easier to eat with a fork.

Here’s how it’ll go down: you’ll email the sausage guy and pony up half a hundo via PayPal. Then, things will get a little cloak-and-dagger (you love when that happens with meat). Every other week in October and November, you’ll get an email telling you when and where you can pick up a fortnight’s worth of grillable, tubular pork and chicken.

Still highly classified: the exact flavors. But we recently intercepted some high-level chatter that mentioned a breakfast sausage and a mild sausage in each pickup, along with something more zesty, like chorizo, Buffalo chicken or bratwurst.

The sausage advisory level has been raised to orange.
Note: The Sausage Club by <a target="_blank" href="">Seasonal Pantry</a>, now taking members, <a href="">sign up here</a>


The Sausage Club by Seasonal Pantry

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