Saved by the Text

Getting Out of That Meeting

UD - Rescu.Me Today’s heat is brutal, so you’d rather be anywhere than stuck in a sweltering conference room next to your boss. If only someone could send you an urgent text right now to get you out of it...

Introducing, a new automated texting service that’ll get you out of just about anything, now available.

To get started, store the number in your phone under whatever contact name will best work for your little white lie: maybe “Mom,” “Chriqui, E.” or “Tarantino, Q.”

Then, before your next questionable blind date or mandatory all-hands meeting, simply send a text to dictating what text you want and when you want it. So when your boss sees a message from Quentin pop up a few minutes later, he’ll be impressed while you step out and deal with... the traffic to the beach.

And with a little bit of imagination, we could see you using this service to get you into things, as well as out of things. Like, say your contract is up for renewal, negotiations are getting a bit heated, and suddenly your corporate rival pops up with a little message for you: “We’re willing to match your current offer plus 40% and use of company jet.”

Just be wary if your boss gets an urgent text message from “corporate.”

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