Hello Dalí

Hollywood’s Craziest New Spanish Nightspot

You do some of your finest thinking in Hollywood clubs.

Why, just last night you were pontificating on the profound influence the Spanish Surrealists had on bottle service.

Exhibit A: a wild new supper club called Premiere, soft-opening tomorrow night for exclusive kickoff parties.

Though it’s owned by Vinny Laresca (Villa) and done up by Kris Keith (Te’Kila), it feels more like what might happen if Salvador Dalí ever hosted a dance party for Jamie Foxx. Through a brick corridor off Las Palmas, you’ll step into a two-story Spanish fun house of red velvet curtains, wrought-iron balconies and ceilings that appear to be made of dripping candle wax. And under a giant, curving pine chandelier that can shoot out LED happy faces: a dance floor packed with Hollywood starlets/clubbers.

And as the night swirls into thoughtful dissections of Dalí’s early experiments with Cubism (also: vodka shots), you’ll notice the DJ has been joined by a fleet of leggy flamenco girls—only to be interrupted by a performer who, apropos of nothing, busts out a stirring Rocky impression from the balcony.

One other note: though they call this place a supper club, it’s less about supper than club. (They’re open 9pm to 2am.) But if you get hungry for an individual pizza, you’re in luck. They’ll even box it up to go.

You’ve still got time to hit that Matisse-inspired speakeasy.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Premiere</a>, soft-opens tomorrow for guest-list-only parties, officially opens September 16, 323-978-0730, <a href= "" target= "_blank">see the menu</a>


1710 N Las Palmas Ave
(north of Hollywood Blvd)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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