Things to do for September 02, 2010

The Weekender

Secret Menus, Scavenging and Whiskey

The weekend just commandeered Monday.

A Mystery Menu at P’cheen

A Mystery Menu at P’cheen

You’re a dabbler. The I’ll-try-anything-once type. And now, P’cheen would like to call you out on that. Just stroll in for dinner, point at the words “Just Trust Us” on the menu, and the chef will create an on-the-fly, one-time-only impromptu dish (think alligator gumbo or hickory blistered tomato steak). We trust in this.

On the menu now at P’cheen, 701-5 Highland Ave NE, 404-529-8800

Guns, Roses and Whiskey at Park Tavern

Guns, Roses and Whiskey at Park Tavern

There are two things you need to be focused on this weekend (well, three if you count... labor). But mostly, we’re talking about beer and whiskey. So this Sunday, head to the Beer and Whiskey Fest, with a DJ, five tribute bands (U2, Guns N’ Roses) and plenty of namesake adult beverages. It’s going to be a long weekend.

A Naughty Wine List at Spice Market

A Naughty Wine List at Spice Market

You want to have your cake. You also want to eat it. So when it comes to drinking great wine, you really don’t get that whole bottle-only thing. Thankfully, throughout the fall Spice Market is offering select bottle-only wines (Silver Oak, Far Niente) glass by glorious glass. You scoff at wine rules.

Throughout fall, Spice Market, 188 14th St NE (in the W Midtown), 404-724-2550

Foie Gras and Beer at Shaun’s

Foie Gras and Beer at Shaun’s

This Wednesday, Shaun’s is hosting the Southern Beer Dinner, a four-course beer soiree where Heritage Pork Pie with Foie Gras and Mustard Greens will be pitted against the likes of Red Brick Brown Ale and Highland Black Mocha Stout. If it were any other restaurant, the food would be an afterthought.

Sep 8, 7pm, $55, Shaun’s, 1029 Edgewood Ave NE, 404-577-4358, reservations required

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