Private Eyes

Texting Like a CIA Operative

UD - PrivateSMS We all have a few secrets.

You have more than a few.

And sometimes, those secrets are transmitted via text message, and should never be seen by the wrong people. (Like, say, the Turkish government. Or your girlfriend.)

So it may be time to beef up your phone’s security...

Introducing PrivateSMS, a new iPhone app that lets you send password-protected text messages, now available from the iTunes store.

Think of PrivateSMS as a platform for texting that really could have helped a certain animal-nicknamed golfer last Thanksgiving. (Note: could also be especially beneficial if you are a CIA agent or Don Draper.)

So here’s how it works: let’s say you’re planning a secret getaway for you and your girlfriend, and you need a way to keep that house in Bermuda a secret. Simply launch the app, and the next time you get a text message from the Bermuda realtor person, it will appear on your phone as a link that can only be accessed by a password.

As long as you’ve got a password that nobody else can guess, your secret messages will be safe from peering eyes.

We recommend not making it “secret lover.”

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