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A New Wine Bar in Midtown

UD - Vintage Liquor and Wine Bar This weekend will be a haze of speedboat jaunts to the Bahamas, marathon oyster feasts and playful rounds of Marco Polo with Russian heiresses at the Delano pool.

But first, you need to shake hands with the mayor.

Introducing Vintage Liquor and Wine Bar, a cavern of wine and spirits opening tonight in Midtown with a blowout featuring acrobats, percussionists and the mayor of Miami himself.

You’ll want to get there around 6:30pm—that’s when we hear Regalado will be touching down. Walking in, the first thing you’ll notice are the endless wooden racks reaching to the rafters, stocked with an encyclopedic selection of wine (over 800 bottles), liquor and beer. Take a mental note of this, let its vino-ness wash over you, then stroll out to the front patio to try Oregonian pinots and platters of Manchego and Spanish ham.

Soon, you’ll start to hear the loud, rhythmic musings of a DJ who brings his own bongo drum, and start to see the physical expressions (leaps, cartwheels, potentially a centipede or two) of live acrobats. Don’t let them throw you off your game, and continue to delve deeper into the wine list, which includes bottles that can’t be found anywhere else in the city, like a $2,000 cab from California’s Screaming Eagle.

Also known as a “reelection bottle.”


Vintage Liquor and Wine Bar
3301 NE First Ave, Suite 105
Miami, FL, 33037

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